Just Effing Doing It!

Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Erin Hopkins and I am a Professional Life Coach who works with dreamers, introverts and all-around amazing people to create and live a fully-expressed and fully-awesome life.

Anyone else spend about 600 hours thinking about what they want to be their first blog post only to get bogged down by customizing their theme and trying to find the best professional-yet-still-personality-capturing  photo only to get so tired of it all that you shut the WordPress browser and go binge-watch Orange is the New Black instead? Yep…me too. Gotta love Laverne Cox (and Captain Janeway.)

So this being my 601st attempt to do this I decided to take a different approach:  Just effing do it.

So this is me, just effing doing it!

So I hope you enjoy what is to come and can learn from my somewhat ramble-y, nerdy, yet thought-provoking insights on what it means to love and trust yourself and your voice without sweating about how you’re measuring up. (I’ll give you a hint..there are no objective measures. Period.)

Much Love,




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