Personal Insecurities, Professional Insecurities

I’m currently working on some really cool projects I’ll be launching soon, and my brain has been in marketing mode as a result.

What are my strengths? is a question that always pops in my mind when thinking about advertising and marketing, and because my day job is Career Counseling, it’s a pretty familiar question.

I sat down to write a request for referrals from my friends and family and gave some thought to the types of clients I’ve enjoyed working with recently. I felt some resistance around admitting to what I consider to be one of the areas that I am really strong in with regards to coaching: relationships.

I notice that I always happily promote my strengths as a career coach, but I’m always less likely to lead with I’M A RELATIONSHIP COACHHHHHH even though that’s the majority of the stuff I talk about with clients.

I’m starting to kind of poke at the resistance and determine what exactly I feel uncomfortable with, and what I’ve come up with is :

1. My hesitance to embrace what I perceive as a super girly and “fluffy” area of coaching

2. My own insecurities around romantic relationships and my tendencies towards codependency

It’s funny, because as I’m writing this, it’s totally clear that #2 that informs my perception of relationship coaching as “fluffy” in # 1. That’s not to say that there isn’t a stigma of amateurishness that surrounds relationship resources, advice columns and self-help books written by women focused on relationships (thanks, patriarchy!) but I can definitely see how my stuff (insecurities, perceptions etc.) around the subject is informing my hesitance to claim my success as a relationship coach.

I actually started this post thinking that I would have a conversation around how other coaches, counselors and service professionals deal with certain stigmas around gender and how those stigmas effect the way we market ourselves, but now I’m actually really curious to explore this on a more individual level now.

How do you see your insecurities or “stuff” causing resistance in your professional life? Does it relate to gender, age, or sexuality? What else can you see about how the things you can’t be with in your personal life affect your professional life?


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