Positive Consequence Post #1

One of the great things about working with a coach is the reminder that we get to choose whether we come from a positive place or a negative place.

Case and point: I declared to my coach that I was going to meditate, journal and make a to do list for the day, every day, and send him the list via text message for accountability (because I have this funny way of forgetting to do things that I said I’m going to do…and he knows this.) After deciding that I was going to do this, he said, knowingly, “And what happens if you don’t do this every day?” Busted.

So I decided that if I don’t text him my to do list by 7:30 am every day, I’m going to put a consequence into place. Now, normally when we think of consequences, we think of negative ones…and often my first instinct when setting consequences is “GO TO YOUR ROOM WITHOUT SUPPER,” or “NO TV FOR YOU.” Something in the way of deprivation, or punishment.

My coach invited me, however, if I wanted to, to chose a POSITIVE consequence…something that it’s a punishment or deprivation, but a consequence that I actually enjoyed and that would further a goal that I’m working on.

So here I am, doing just that: writing for 15 minutes on my blog. The great thing about this consequence is that it’s not shaming, and doesn’t allow me to beat myself up for not doing what I said I was going to do– it’s actually designed to get me to do two things that I want to be doing anyway: starting my day off with a powerful intention, and get my voice out there on my blog.

So for the rest of my time today (2 minutes), I want to share what it was that had me not send my coach my to do list.

I realized that while I’ve gotten better about knowing what my needs are, and have made some strides around meeting them, I don’t actually give myself time to think about what my daily needs are. I know the general ones– eat, sleep, coffee, water, “me time,” laughter play…etc. But in terms of “What do I need to accomplish today, and how do I want things to go?” I tend to fall short.

The cool thing is that now that I’ve realized that, I get to choose whether I continue sabotaging myself, or whether I want to do something different. The other cool thing is that this positive consequence is ALSO designed to remind me that I have the choice to choose something different– and I’m doing just that by sharing this post with you today.

So to wrap up– I’m choosing to do the thing that I know helps me in the long run– I’m choosing to give myself the time and space to say how I want my day to go (and my life to go..) and practicing coming from that positive place when I mess up, instead of holding it against myself of using it to shame myself.

Until next time!


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