Practicing Possibility

The alarm goes off.


I’ve never been a morning person, but lately my mornings have been less inspiring than usual.

I once had the ability to bounce out of bed, grab a cup of coffee in my favorite mug, read something inspiring, meditate,  eat breakfast and, most importantly, feel confident and prepared for my day.

Mornings lately have been more like wake up, rue the day, think about getting up, feel anxious and discouraged about what I should do, wondering pessimistically if I’ll have enough time or energy or belief in myself to do it, fall back asleep, have a bad dream about all the things I’m anxious about, and linger in bed for just enough time to make me late enough that I have to choose between food and clean hair, packing lunch and being 15 minutes late (or 45 depending on DC traffic.)

And the biggest kicker? I’m a Life Coach…I’m supposed to have my s*** together so that I can help other people get THEIR s*** together, right??

Insert another level of shame and discouragement that loves like a black cloud over everything I do.

Super inspiring.


One GOOD thing about being a coach is that I have lots of tools to help me get un-stuck when I’m in this place of shaming myself, then shaming myself for shaming myself ad nauseam. So I was thinking about how journaling at the end of my day has helped me remember that I’m doing really well and the things I’m afraid of only have the power over me that I give them.

Then EUREKA! It hit me.

What if instead of journaling at the end of my day about how the day went, I journaled at the beginning of the day how I WANTED things to go?

So I started thinking about things from that perspective….If I could design the perfect day, how would it go?

I’d wake up refreshed, would get up without lingering in bed too long (just enough time to cuddle with my cat!), would grab the coffee that was already ready for me thanks to my nifty coffee timer, sit at my computer reading about current events, seeing what my friends are up to on Facebook, doing my morning stretching and workout routine….make breakfast, check my schedule and see how I could set my day up for success. While listening to Pandora the whole time, of course!


By reframing this simple exercise in my mind, I started to focus on what I wanted to CREATE instead of focusing on the things I felt I had no control over (grogginess, time, traffic etc.)

I’m a bit of a skeptic when it come to the idea of “manifesting” that has become so popular in recent years, but if this is what manifesting is– deciding how I want my day to go, then doing what I need to do to set it up to go that way– then I’m on board!

If you were designing how your day went, what would it look like? How would you spend the morning and what would you do to set your day up for success? Let me know below!

xo Erin







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