Anxiety Busters Group Coaching



You know you get anxious…

You KNOW certain things freak you out.

You KNOW you have what it takes, but sometimes you cop out, let yourself off the hook, and choose to give in to the “Netflix monster.”

Guess what– IT’S OKAY! That’s just how you learned how to deal with things that overwhelm you.

(Be thankful you didn’t learn to deal with stress the way these guys do…)


So what will it take to overcome it? That anxious voice in the back of your mind telling you…

Anxiety Buster 6-week Group Coaching

Join Professional Life Coach Erin Hopkins and 5 other kick-butt participants in identifying and overcoming the self-sabotaging habits that keep you stuck in your comfort zone. These once-a-week video calls will get you fired up and ready to tackle those projects and goals you’ve put on the back burner for far too long.

Goals like:

  • Wanting to speak up more and have your voice heard
  • Wanting to go for a job or promotion that seems out of reach
  • Wanting to finally set aside time to take a vacation
  • Wanting to start dating again after having a broken heart
  • Wanting to start your own business
  • Wanting to feel more confident and work on self-worth

Week One: Identify

You can’t rewrite the voice in your head until you know what that voice says. We’ll identify:

  • The edges of your Comfort Zone
  • Your P.A.P. (Predictable Anxiety Pattern)
    • Which “cognitive distortion” aka negative story do you fear the most?
      • Comparison: “I’ll never be as good as ________”
      • Rigid Thinking: “If it doesn’t go EXACTLY as planned, I can’t be happy!”
      • ¬†Predicting without Proof: “They MUST be thinking bad stuff about me”
      • ….and many more

Week Two: Debunk

  • Fact-check those negative stories you’ve been taught to believe
  • CHOOSE what story you want to replace the old, outdated one

Week Three: Strength-train

  • Start building those new stories muscles’ and figure out what support you need to remind yourself of them!

Week Four: Create

  • Come up with an inspiring action plan that will help you realistically reach your goals!
  • Declare who you’ll be to get those goals, and plan HOW you’ll make that happen!

Week Five: Practice

  • Put your new found skills to the test!
  • Track your daily Choice Points and see how many times you chose to overcome your anxiety!

Week 6:Celebrate

  • Discuss how you’ll keep up your newfound confidence and
  • Get closure on how this process went

This program is made for you if:

  • You want to stop beating yourself up for every mistake
  • You’re sick and tired of being too tired and overwhelmed to do things you want to do
  • You’re ready to start playing with dipping a toe outside of your comfort zone
  • You want 10+ reusable tools that will teach you you can handle ANYTHING that comes your way
  • You want to do all of the above with lots of laughter and support!


  • 3 Payments of $250.00 due on May 15th & May 29th & June 13th OR
  • One payment of $700.00 (for $50.00 discount!) by May 15th.

What you’ll get:

  • One hour interactive group coaching video session per week
  • 10+ Tools designed to teach you to empower yourself
  • A customized “Comfort Zone” visual display to remind you of your greatness
  • The support and counsel of 5 other amazing people who are going through the same journey you are
  • Email, phone and text support from Erin in-between sessions
  • The confidence to finally step into the leading role of your own life

If you have questions about whether or not this program is right for you, contact me below!