Erin’s Story

Uncomfortable with the idea of “selling” yourself?

How do you side step self-doubt,  gain confidence in talking about yourself, and start to go after the opportunities you’re “sure” you’ll never get?

I was a shy child turned shy teenager turned shy adult with big dreams and no idea how to make those dreams come true. My biggest fears were failing, looking stupid in front of others and actually being found out as a fraud. Those fears (and the stories I’ll talk about in a minute) were the exact things stopping me from speaking my mind, owning my worth and taking charge of my life.

Now I’ve learned that when you’re running your own business, or even going after a project or goal you want, you do have to learn to articulate your value and be able to explain why you are important.

I also learned very quickly, however, that in order to grow my business, or even be successful at my day job,  I had to start learning how to speak confidently about myself and my skills in order to move up in the world. And that meant identifying and confronting the stories designed to keep me in my comfort zone.

Stories like:

  • “They’re never going to hire me!”
  • “I’m not good enough to strike out on my own”
  • “I have no idea what I’m doing!”
  • “I shouldn’t start my own business, it’ll be too hard”
  • “What if I screw it up?”
  • “What if people reject me or judge me?”

This was HUGE when I started running my own business. As a right-brained/people-oriented person, the idea of “selling” ANYTHING gives me hives. When I think of “selling”, I think of those department store associates who corner me in the dressing room with outfit suggestions, or who don’t relent even after I’ve said “No” to their store credit card offer eight times (NO, NEW YORK AND COMPANY I DON’T WANT YOUR CREDIT CARD.)


 By identifying the negative stories I was telling myself, I was able to: 

  • Reduce self-doubt
  • Recognize and get ahead of self-sabotage
  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase self- esteem
  • Feel excited and empowered on a daily basis

…and I learned that you really can handle anything that comes your way!

Maybe you’re starting your own business, or are trying to bring in new clients…or maybe you’re on the job hunt and don’t know what to say at one of the many networking events you’ve visited recently.

The bottom line is: I know EXACTLY how awkward it can be to go from doing a thing that you’re passionate about to talking about WHY and HOW you’re awesome enough to get that promotion, go after that dream opportunity or even just be more confident in your every day life!