Individual Coaching

If you’ve got goals you want to achieve and the desire to learn how to overcome obstacles that normally stop you, then you’re ready to see if coaching is for you!

The one thing more important than your goal or the obstacles in your way is how you RELATE to your goal and the obstacles in your way.

One-on-one coaching is:

Project-Based— you pick 2-3 things you want to accomplish, and by when– maybe you want to write a book in the next year, or create the relationship of your dreams in the next 6 months.

Action-Oriented— you choose how you’re going to get there based on the skills, resources and strengths you have.

You-Focused–every coaching call is based on you practicing TRUSTING yourself and finding the answers from within your own heart and mind. Basically– instead of telling you what *I* think you should do, we’ll figure out how to help you activate your intuition to find the answers you’re looking for!